Why Us
  • China became second most popular educational destination in the world!
  • 2017 Czech Republic (Brno) International Education Exhibition was successfully held
  • Hongzhou Learning Co. Ltd. Visits Xinyang Normal University
  • Beijing Hongzhou Learning was Invited by the Belarus Embassy in Beijing to Participate in the China-Belarusian University Cooperation Round-table Conference.
  • Hongzhou education representatives were invited to visit North China University of Technology
  • The representatives of Hongzhou Learning were invited for a dinner for the 57th anniversary of the Benin Independence Day
  • HZ Learning Representatives Visited the Embassy of Serbia in China
  • Hongzhou Learning Won the Exclusive Authorization Right in China from ICIEP(Russia)
  • HZLearning was invited by the Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture to participate in the launching ceremony of the International Construction Industry Alliance
  • Meeting with the Embassy of Croatia
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    Beijing Hongzhou Wen Ding International Learning and Consulting Co., Ltd

    Beijing Hongzhou Wen Ding International Learning and Consulting Co., Ltd in short Hongzhou Learning, was founded in 2013. We are based in China's political, economic and cultural center - Beijing. Our mission is to provide access to high quality educational resources both here in China and overseas, whilst boosting cooperation and exchanges for different institutions. We are offering various services for students, organizations, institutions and enterprises around the world through Hongzhou one-stop service platform.

    Our work includes extensive and in-depth cooperation with Universities in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and 16 countries throughout Central and Eastern Europe, not least including those amongst "Belt and Road" countries. Here in China, we cooperate closely with more than 130 institutions, continually carrying out different types of cooperation with them.

    Under the guide of China’s Belt and Road Initiative, Hongzhou Learning actively focuses on enhancing cooperation between Chinese universities and institutions in these countries. By doing so, we have achived support from the Beijing Foreign Affairs Office, as well as recognition of Embassies of Belarus, Bulgaria, Poland, Pakistan, Hungary, Bahrain, Benin and Latvia.