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  • China became second most popular educational destination in the world!
  • 2017 Czech Republic (Brno) International Education Exhibition was successfully held
  • Hongzhou Learning Co. Ltd. Visits Xinyang Normal University
  • Beijing Hongzhou Learning was Invited by the Belarus Embassy in Beijing to Participate in the China-Belarusian University Cooperation Round-table Conference.
  • Hongzhou education representatives were invited to visit North China University of Technology
  • The representatives of Hongzhou Learning were invited for a dinner for the 57th anniversary of the Benin Independence Day
  • HZ Learning Representatives Visited the Embassy of Serbia in China
  • Hongzhou Learning Won the Exclusive Authorization Right in China from ICIEP(Russia)
  • HZLearning was invited by the Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture to participate in the launching ceremony of the International Construction Industry Alliance
  • Meeting with the Embassy of Croatia
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    What does our one-to-one support plan mean?

    Our one to one support program helps provide students with a safety net whilst studying in China to ensure a comfortable, convenient and quality experience within the country and the chance to more swiftly adapt to local life. To do this, we provide you an experienced “buddy”, an experienced local who will assist you, this provides a number of benefits:


    •A meet and greet the airport, as well as transportation to the university.


    Help registering in and finding your accommodation, organizing payments and your deposits for tuition and accommodation (if you've not already done this).


    They will show you around your local area and introduce you to great local restaurants, supermarkets, stalls and shops. They'll also help you buy a Chinese SIM Card and transportation card;


    •They are your guide for the whole start of your journey into China, as they're also a student, you can ask them questions about anything and they'll do whatever they can to help. They'll help answer any problems or queries you may have.


    •Not only this, but we at Hongzhou Learning will also be there for you throughout your study in China, where we recommend that you join our StudentsUnion (WeChat code below) where you can get constant updates on helpful tips and hints for living in China!


    •You are then warmly welcome to become part of our volunteer one-to-one program, as you'll now know how it feels to be a new student in a new country, and you can help new people to feel settled just like your volunteer did.



    It doesn't end there!

    •If you receive excellent feedback from the students that you volunteer and help settle into the country, you will be given the chance to be selected as our ambassador and represent us and participate in a series of volunteering activities or competitions! Some of these even include the 2022 Winter Games, Or the various winter/summer programmes which are held around the world in countries like the USA, Thailand and also the Philippines (just to name a few)!

    •This can be seen as something that not many people can say they've had the chance to experience, but here's your chance.

    •We would love you to be part of our cause and help promote our programmes to help develop co-operations and relationships in education from around the world!

    Do you feel it’s important as people to show someone support hand in hand? If you believe the answer is yes, then you're very welcome to join us!